Our Approach

"A strong team approach is the secret to our success..."

Maras Group is exceedingly proud of the team it has assembled to manage its extensive commercial and retail property portfolio and develop new projects going forward.

The company comprises a highly qualified and experienced team of individuals in the areas of property administration, lease negotiation and management, asset services, facilities management, project and construction management and delivery, finance and accounting, client services and marketing.

Our people work closely together in a genuine, team-oriented environment, whilst maintaining their respective areas of responsibility and expertise. Each member of the Maras Group team is conversant with company’s property portfolio and is generally in a position to handle any query or issue that may arise.  It’s that intimate product knowledge and familiarity that is instilled in all our people.

We have formed intrinsically valuable and long-standing relationships and partnerships with a host of leading consultants, professional services providers, sub-contractors and suppliers to ensure that our business remains firmly at the forefront in the industry and continues to be progressive and market leading – in all facets.

The sense of creating quality product and what will best appeal to the market place, coupled with the ability to construct economically that which is functionally required, and on a timely basis, is the trademark of Maras Group’s long term success.

A long and solid history of tenant retention across the portfolio is a strong measure of the group’s success over many years.