Our People

Andrew White Leasing Executive

0411 505 105

Andrew has a rich and eclectic background, both personally and professionally.  He has a passion for exploring the world and has managed to fulfill that passion by traveling to over 40 countries over the last decade.

Although born and bred in Adelaide, he resided in London working in various roles, most notably managing a major customer service team at Heathrow Airport.  Andrew grew up around the real estate fraternity with his father being a veteran of the industry.  After returning to Adelaide in 2012, Andrew joined his father’s company as a residential property manager and leasing agent.  It was a broad and varied role that encompassed all facets of the leasing and property management spectrum.  In this role, he excelled, honing his skills as a negotiator and his abilities to develop genuine and ongoing relationships with his clients. 

In 2018, Andrew took on a role with not-for-profit organisation, Renew Adelaide, as its Head of Property.  This unique role, within the context of the commercial property industry, built on Andrew’s already solid foundation and developed his large network of Adelaide start-ups and entrepreneurs. 

Andrew’s grassroots-led philosophies make him a champion and advocate for local and emerging talent, startups, and entrepreneurs.  He has a passion for building long-term professional relationships and has a dedication to the customer service aspect of commercial leasing.  He prides himself on his abilities to think laterally to achieve common goals and strives for win-win scenarios in all dealings.

Andrew’s primary remit at Maras Group is the leasing of retail and commercial office space within the group’s portfolio.